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The wastewater generated in the form of surges in buildings will be collected in a reservoir and used for heating and cooling with the help of heat exchangers. If it is continuous drainage and process heat, no accumulation is required.

Application areas include apartments, multi-story houses, municipal buildings, hotels, spas, swimming pools, and various energy-intensive industries such as food, chemical, and medicine.

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Key technology:

  • Small temperature difference heat exchange solution-Vaillant board type is specially developed to solve the small temperature difference heat exchange in various environments. The shallow corrugated design can play an important role in the heat exchange of the air conditioning system of super high-rise buildings. It has also been fully applied in ice storage technology.

  • For ground source heat pumps or seawater desalination, where titanium plate heat exchangers are required, Jiaerda can choose economical and reliable heat exchange solutions for you according to your needs.

  • Evaporation/condensation solution—Jiaerda plate heat exchanger is a product specially developed for various evaporation and condensing conditions. This series of products adheres to Vaillant's consistent pursuit of high quality.

Main application:

①. Daily hot water:
The good heat transfer performance makes the plate heat exchanger gradually replace the traditional container heating system, with a smaller footprint and more economical investment.

②. Swimming pool water heating:
Install a heat exchanger to make the pool water circulate independently. To avoid corrosion of the plates caused by chloride ions in the pool water, please choose the plate material carefully.

③. Solar energy collection:
As one of the cleanest energy sources, solar energy has attracted more and more attention. By using heat exchangers, the loop for collecting solar energy can be separated from the loop for domestic hot water, thereby effectively protecting the domestic hot water loop. Cleanliness.

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④. Ice storage system:The use of heat exchangers in ice storage systems can isolate water and glycol solution, which brings about an increase in return on investment.

⑤. Ground source and water source heat pump:

The heat exchanger is used as the separation device of the heat pump host and the open cold and heat source to overcome the corrosion of water quality to the host and other sensitive equipment.


⑥. High-rise building pressure barrier:

In order to avoid high system pressure in high-rise buildings, plate heat exchangers are used to separate regional pressures, thereby greatly reducing the large water pumps and large pipelines used to overcome the system pressure.

⑦. Open and closed circulating water system:
The use of heat exchanger separates the open cooling cycle system from the closed cycle system of the unit, which effectively protects the cleanliness of the closed cycle system of the unit and prolongs the service life of the unit.

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