The shell and tube-type heat exchanger/hydraulic oil cooler is divided into horizontal installation and vertical installation. The heat transfer core is divided into a light tube type, a finned tube type, and a heat dissipation plate type. The PS series coolers were developed, researched, and designed independently by our company with the whole radiator piercing through a copper pipe mode. Heat transfer performance is more than 60% higher than the original finned tube series coolers. After being put on the market, it has been highly praised by many industry leaders. The tubular heat exchangers have the unique advantages of having a small size, large heat transfer power, etc., and are the most popular choice for hydraulic machinery, construction machinery, chemical machinery, electric machinery, compressors, and so on.

Fits these applications: Hydraulic, Wind Power, Hydropwer, Petrochemical, Ocean Going Ships, Metallurigical, Construction

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