The thrust bearing oil coolers are opened on the side of the fuel tank plate and the cooling core group is directly inserted into the fuel tank through the opening to fix. The generator set basically adopts multiple groups and is evenly distributed in the circumference. Examples include the Guanyin Rock, Angu, Jiangbian, Vietnam Zhongsong, and other lower guide bearings that have adopted drawer-type coolers. Fits these applications: Wind power, Hydropower, Petrochemical 

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The volume is small, and the cooling tube is placed in the cooled medium, so the installation and maintenance of the cooler are extremely convenient.

According to space and cooling requirements, it can be designed in different versions and shapes, basically divided into circular and rectangular. Compared with the rectangle, the circular cooling capacity is smaller.

Thrust bearing drawer cooler of hydro-generator set

The water tank cover is installed on the pipe plate corresponding to the two ends of the U-shaped cooling water pipe. The U-shaped cooling water pipe is divided into two groups and installed in the bracket respectively. The bracket and the U-shaped cooling water pipe are connected by a pipe clamp, and the U-shaped cooling water pipe is connected to the supporting pipe.

The plates are firmly combined by a special process. The drawer-type cooler is installed on the wall of the thrust bearing oil tank, the water outlet flange, and the water inlet flange are outside the oil tank wall, and the U-shaped cooling water pipe is in the oil tank.
The advantages are simple installation and maintenance, and good cooling effect. The cooler used for the internal circulation cooling method of large and medium-sized thrust bearings is especially suitable for large and medium-sized hydroelectric generators and other fields.

thrust bearing drawer cooler of hydrogen

How to install the heat exchanger?

Preparation work before heat exchanger installation:

  • Before installing the heat exchanger, clean the pipes to avoid damage to the plates caused by the mixing of debris.

  • Check one by one according to the items listed in the packing list. If you find any discrepancies, you must report and solve them in time.

  • Reserve a maintenance space around the heat exchanger installation site. The installation drawing requires flat washers, anchor bolts and nuts.

  • The heat exchanger is installed on concrete and kept vertical.

  • If you want to improve the efficiency of the heat exchanger, you can install a filter to prevent clogging of impurities, add a gasket at the flange, and accurately put it into the sealing surface of the flange, and install the nozzles of each increasing port. Valves of the same diameter are connected to the pipeline.

Heat exchanger installation and operation check:

  • Check whether the bolts are loose before starting. If there is any looseness, tighten it according to the size specified in the installation drawing, and the error should not exceed 2cm.

  • When starting, open the secondary side inlet valve, and after filling the channel, slowly open the secondary side outlet valve. After running for a period of time, open the primary side outlet valve, and then open the inlet valve. When starting, there should be no violent impact. Prevent damage to the gasket.

  • Check the weld and sealing surface for penetration, and pay attention to the display parameters of the thermometer and pressure gauge, make a record, find the cause of the problem, and do a good job of maintenance.

  • Before stopping the pump, turn off the power and close the side inlet valve, side outlet and side inlet.

  • The heat exchanger must be operated within the specified design pressure and range.

  • Overpressure operation is strictly prohibited.

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